Feedback for a river

Recently I asked for feedback for a waterfall! Well, I made a river for fun! Feedback would be help me make more things better

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It’s good considering you used ROBLOX’s tools, I’m not the best at builds but in my humble opinion it looks good!

I don’t recommend to just fill the water because it doesn’t look good at all. (No hate)

I suggest you watch this tutorial:


Okay, Thanks for the feedback

Highly appreciated

Thanks, I really appreciated it

It’s not smooth enough, therefore kinda unnatural.

Something I did a while ago.
See? No little balls sticking out.
But trying Is always good.

yea, the problem is I didn’t use the smooth tool

It doesn’t look too bad. I like it, honestly. Good use of the waterfall there, might want to use the Smooth tool (as you said you have not; it’s very useful).

I find it is much easier to sculpt sea/river beds dry and then raise a sea level compared to filling the water in yourself.

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it’s incredibly unnatural. This looks like it was made in like 5 minutes.

It’s important to keep in mind that terrain almost always slopers down towards water. Also, there aren’t many sharp corners in nature.


If you smooth the hills it wouldn’t look as rough.

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