Feedback for Build

Hello Developers,

I am in need of feedback for this build I recently made and sold. The build took me about 3 days, not full days though. Any type of feedback is welcome, but please keep your feedback appropriate. Here is the build:

Here are the builds, thank you for the feedback. I will try to respond to most feedbacks.


Looks great for a low-mid poly build.


That’s impressive building! I like the low poly style and the environment you added, keep up the amazing work! :heart:

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Amazing build! The models and the atmosphere really make the build feel alive. I do feel like however, that the colours used in this build, are quite saturated looking. If that was your initial aim, then go ahead and ignore this part lmao, otherwise, maybe change the colours to look a bit more expressive and colourful I guess.

Take these two games as an example:

Breath of the Wild has a very washed out colour scheme used throughout the game, whereas Genshin Impact’s colour scheme is very vibrant and much more livelier. Take a look at the comparison between them, down below.

Well done anyways! Great build

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Looks really nice! I really like the vibe of the game. Keep up the good work!


it looks like a interview place where you would get a job at, those trees be looking pretty stiff, anyways it looks mediocre.

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low mid poly build for it looks great!!

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I love it!!!

The semi low poly, and the good use of lighting, This really tickles my fancy!!!

Keep the great work up, my fellow ROBLOXAIN!!!

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Middle area is bland, trees are PINE trees, which don’t regularly come in tiny sizes, tiles are very repetitive texture wise, rotate some of them 180 to make it look realistic, the “welcome” TV thingy is very, very simple, the couches are too low, and pillows are too large, not sure what kind of room this is.

Sorry if this is like, a ton of feedback, but its hard not to notice.

Outstanding job.

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This looks amazing! I do suggest one thing though. Add more types of plants instead of the one potted tree. Maybe some passion fruit vines crawling up the walls. It’s up to you but it looks spectacular! 10/10

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