Feedback for first build i've made

this is my first try at building something
i used only basic blocks and unions
how can i improve it?

don’t mind the tabs this wasn’t built in it’s own dedicated place


For a first build, this is absolutely amazing. The design is outright amazing with the bars, even better then what I built at first. Amazing work!

Can’t wait to see more. :slight_smile:

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This is great for your first build! One thing that I would do to approve it is to possibly add screws/bolts that would actually hold the boards to the frame, but other than that it looks really good!

It looks pretty good for it being your first build!
Keep up the amazing work, ThisnameisVeryRandom!:wink:

As has been said this is a great start if it’s your first build. :clap:

I like how you’ve added a little bit of detail to the metalwork instead of just straight blocks which makes it more visually appealing. I also think this a good choice of colours.

A few things to work on

  • Maybe experiment with textures. It looks like you’re just using the default plastic. Roblox has built in textures called ‘Materials’ which would be a great start. You can even create your own.
  • Try unioning your metalwork. If looks slightly unaligned so work with re-positioning and resizing to get a sleek finish, and then union the metalwork to make it all one piece.

I’d say overall a great start!

The bench looks really good for a first build. I love the metal parts to it, you really nailed them! Good job! :smiley:

Good work with doing the arms and legs manually. If you really want a very seamless and less time consuming method, try out Archimedes. Link:

While they look good, eventually, it will not be worth your time to sit there for ten minutes trying to get a perfect curve on some things. Regardless, good job.

That is WAY too good for a first build. You’re going far buddy!

This is a great build you have made. For a first build i think this is amazing like the design you have gone for, like the black mars and the style! you have made looks incredible. Here is a couple of things to improve on.

Bench Material
The bench you have make looks really good however, the bench seems to be a plastic material. I would recommend you make the black bar metal! so it could look more like a bench i would recommend, you that as for the wooden color i see! you also used plastic material you should make the the parts a wooden material. Or make your own material to look more, decent it would look a lot better if you. Implemented a wood material onto it!!

It would look more better, if you added some silver screws in the wood parts. That will improve the bench a lot more and you could add! different styles of benches and different. Textures to it and the name of the bench, overall you have done a great job. On your first build it looks amazing.

Keep up the good work. Man hope to see more of your work.

i’m just wondering, but are there any other good plugins that most people use for building?

While I’m not really a builder, I use some of Stravants plugins which are helpful when working with diagonal parts and SBS or F3X for small increments so as to avoid headaches with Roblox’s rounding system.

Gap Fill
Re-Size Align (UI seems a bit bugged for me right now)
Model Reflect

Oh. My. God. This bench is better then what I will ever be able to build! 10/10 considering this is your first build. But if you are looking for actual advice, here it is:


I don’t think you are aware of this, but you can actually change the material of parts. It doesn’t have to be plastic. For the bench, I suggest you use wood. For your metal parts, make the material metal.

Other details

  • Add screws/bolts that hold the boards to the frame.
  • If I was to suppose that this bench was in a park or in a city, maybe you should add some leaves that fell from trees nearby.

This is an amazing first build! It really looks like something I can find in real life! All I can say is, keep it up and good luck in the future!

That is brilliant for a first build. I’m looking forward to see what you do with your skills for your next build.

My go-to’s besides archimedes:

  1. Show Decomposition Geometry: “A plugin that allows you to toggle the physics model of a Union/MeshPart. Unlike the toggle in the Physics settings, this actually updates all pre-existing objects, and will update when the CollisionFidelity of an object is changed.”

  2. Powerfill: Basically just gapfill. Last time I checked, gapfill was broken. If you can find another generic plugin for filling in gaps, that works too.

3.Model Resize: While I don’t frequently use this, this is great for if you’re trying to shrink a model that you’ve made. I suggest using the percentage scale gui rather than the drag to resize option.

  1. Mesh Scale: Made by Ozzypig, I had to dm him and try to get this out from the abyss. This is a really old plugin, so you gotta download it the old school way. This is a great plugin so you don’t have to change the mesh scale in properties. (This is a .ZIP file from Mediafire)

5.Celestial Body Dragger: Allows you to drag the sun and moon around exactly where you need it.

  1. Studio Build Suite: Allows you to do a few things. One of the most important features includes the ability to resize grouped parts rather than having them be resized (like in normal studio).

This is great! I only have one recommendation: make the arm rests a bit lower when connecting to the vertical section of the bench. It’s a bit off all the way at the top. Great first build!