Feedback for Game Intro

So I made this game into in like 15 minutes and I would like to know if its good or not and what needs to be changed.
Here is the game: Game Intro 1 - Roblox
Thank you for reading.

Edit: I don’t know if the timings will be different


Pretty cliché in my opinion, it’s really just text and a black screen, try adding images or changing the background color.

Great Intro, but one thing that I would improve is the fading out because it is really choppy

I agree, it was really kinda choppy but good intro though

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I would adding some colourful backgrounds or textures, with a cool font and colour.

It would be not that attractive for players if its just a black screen, white text, and a simple intro animation.

But on my opinion, great job!

Done in 15 minutes? Pretty impressive! You get a 10!