Feedback for my „homeStore“

I’ve recently hired one of my friends to build a sewer homeStore for my group. I think it turned out pretty okay. (Not supposed to be the most professional thing) But I’d still like some feedback for the game.
You can play it here: Ratty Sewers [HOMESTORE] - Roblox
(And hows the music?)


I didn’t play it but it looks awfully depressing for a homestore. They’re usually bright and have colors, Windows etc… it’s very unusual. Looks alright though


Looks pretty good in game, I would recommend taking away the green fog because it kinda takes away the homestore vibes. But all in all some pretty epic clothing.

This is a great start! However the idea of a home tote in the sewers looks alright I see you are choosing a different idea that hasn’t been made before from my understanding.

I’d say include more objects try expanding the sewer so there could be possibly more items to resemblance a home-store some of the ways to improve this is having small details that would really just make it stand out more. Your home store is well built and the the idea seems nice however how is people going to get to the home store?. I think there’s more things you should and could include in the home store, maybe place some decoration like shelves, clothing stands, circular tables, ect.

Try adding potted plants against the walls throughout the area I feel like you should add like a sewer pipe where the water comes out off. Overall the store lacks detail I feel like the fog could differently be removed as it seems to ruin the style and I don’t think fog in usually inside a sewer.

Just confirming, this is meant to be a, sewer right? This looks okay, but at the same time kinda unoriginal.

Removal of the fog. It makes it look depressing & you cannot see as well.

Try adding some slime on the walls and minimize the ammount of fog.

It’s a good start, but it feels like something is missing. A few of the models don’t really fit the same style, and give it the feel of it being put together from different places. Maybe adjust some of the models to make them fit a common style, and maybe change the lighting a bit? I get the whole sewer design, but gloomy colors and fog can get a bit hard on the eyes after a while.