Feedback for my 1st logo

So, i’ve been wanting to try out doing Logo’s for a long time now and I finally had to courage to do it since i’ve just started using an editing program.

I decided to do a Hospital type logo and I would like harsh critique! I accept all feedback so don’t be scared to post critique.

Finished Project

Thank you for reading! Have a good one.


Looks Really Good!!! Just one thing sharpen the nurse I see white lines bordering it.


Pretty nice. I suspect you made this with clipart. It looks nice, but the resolutions are mismatched. Maybe turn down the resolution a bit so all of the things match up with their resolution. Maybe try to convert it to a vector image as well so you can increase the resolution. Also, use the sharpen tool on the edges of the images. I can see some white borders.


Wow, it is really epic for your first Icon you have made great job

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One thing I’ll say is that the nurse seems to have a super sharp edge with white borders, like it was cropped rough, and the others have blurry edges. If you fix that I think it’ll look perfect!

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I feel like if you make the hospital bigger it will look better

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