Feedback for my Best Build? What can I improve on or add?

i am an amateur builder, i’m really proud of this. i used synty nature pack for the trees.
here it is, it’s meant to be like a garden type in the center of a plaza or something

what can i add? it’s will also be bigger and more paths
brick pattern inspired my @EternalEthel



Very nice! try making the path lower because the path is elevated from the ground too much. Otherwise 10/10, pristine!

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it’s supposed to be like that, tryna have that variation. i guess maybe it variates too much then

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use terrain editing tools to lower the terrain below the path, or build custom terrain

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I think it’s all done now!

little detail for the brownie points… i would paint directly under your pathways with some other natural material (if you line up your path correctly, the material won’t even be visible) to prevent the decoration clip we see in these pictures. the colorization is mostly even; to best fit the atmosphere, i would tone down the current grass a bit. good stuff!

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