Feedback for my build

Hey everyone! My name is Danial and I just started to build. Yesterday, I posted a DevForum that shows my first build that I re-design from Snowflake Hotels & Resorts Training Center. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to view my first build.

Today, I created another Training Center and this is an original design. I want to know what do you guys think about my latest build.



It’s pretty good considering ur a Beginner, it needs more detail but overall very nice.

Why is there pillows and why are they sticking out from the back of the chair?

You’ve got some awesome skill’s there even though that is your first build.
Overall its great and cool!.

I hope this feedback can help :grin:

Keep doing it :+1:

I noticed it a few mins after I’ll fix it.

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

Alright, thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it!


Very good for a beginner! I remember when I used to build with low detail but overall good job!

Practice makes perfect.

Good job. -TheDevDoge

The Build looks great! Is the build meant to be a low-poly kind of build?

Kinda yeah. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

Good job for beginner! You’re doing amazing so far :smile:

Like others said, you need lots of detail, whether it is changing the material, being more diverse with color choices, or textures. You have no idea how much these little changes can affect your playerbase.

But yeah, you’re off to a really, really good start!

the color and the repeating of object make it look dystopian, other then that it looks pretty nice