- Feedback for my first game

Hi, I have made my first game. I work on it every day and it’ll never be finished, as there is always something to make better! More stages to add, etc.

Although, I have made it by myself. Just me, only my ideas. I would love your ideas for my game so I can improve!

Well, my game is an obby game. The Breezy Garden Obby. I have made a three minute video so you can check it out without needing to do a lot of effort: - YouTube

Oh, and thank you for your time reading this and thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.


Sorry, the video’s quality is really bad. I think it is good enough to see my game, but if you really want to check it out on your own account tell me!

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very, very intriguing
feels more like an adventure game than an obby cuz of muzik

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Thank you! I love the music too, it’s kind of my inspiration to create this game.

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Did you creat e muusic self? it is very good i would liek to know what it called

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Some notes about your game:

  • Consider changing the music if you don’t have the rights to use it
  • Parts are being moved by the server which makes them look choppy. This should be done on client to ensure that it looks smooth. Another reason is that laggy players won’t be able to get past the moving bees/planets because, on their screen, the bees/planets will be teleporting around randomly.
  • Walk upgrades should be client side

If you want to test how your game feels for someone with a bad connection, go to
File → Studio Settings → Network → Incoming Replication Lag → 1.5

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Hi ernakou,

Thank you for your good feedback.
I will definitely make it look more smooth in that case, didn’t really think about that one.
I did give credits for the music in the game description, but since I do not really think a lot of people will play it, I don’t think it is a big problem. I also don’t earn something from it because there are no gamepasses.

Have a nice day,


Since I’m of the lazy kind and not always sitting in front of a roblox capable/enabled computer, I did appreciate the video.

Cute, colourful and entertaining.

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Thank you so much! That is really nice to hear, it motivates me.

Have a nice day,