Feedback for my first gfx!

Here is my first gfx I’ve made with blender and photoshop!

Any type of feedback is welcome.



It look great and i love the aesthetic and is AMAZING for your first!

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Thank you! I appreciate it a lot!


Nice job, that looks great!
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Thanks for the feedback! (30 chars)


I love the style! The way the green contrasts the black and white really looks great. It looks like a poster, and it’s perfect for a first.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! This gives me some more motivation😊

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Quick question… i’ve been looking to ask this for a while :laughing:
How you do the background?
Is a google picture or?

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Good question. You can get of google but I made it in photoshop. Since I’m currently on my phone and my way to my sport, I can’t show images. But, once I get back I’ll be able to show you.

Alright thanks so much!

Really good its better than my first GFX :slight_smile: but maybe for the future set the color background like the skin color


So here is how you do the “sunburst/starburst” effect in photoshop.

-Create a new document of any resolution that you want it to be

-Once you have that opened up, go to the gradient tool under the eraser.

If you don’t have the gradient option, right click the little arrow under the paint bucket select “Gradient Tool.”

Now, what you want to do, is select two colors you want for the gradient, you can see it on the image above (the third one up from the bottom). Click on either one and select a color. In my case, I picked green and white.

Next, take the gradient tool while left clicking and drag it down the middle, from top to bottom, essentially slicing it in half. Now, you should see something like this but with your preferred colors.

Once you have done this part, go up to “Filter” at the top of screen and hover over distort. You should see the pop-up menu with all the options.
Untitled-1 @ 33.3% (RGB_8) 7_30_2020 10_02_14 PM_LI
Now, once you have seen all the options click on “Wave” near the bottom. Here is a list of what settings you should put in.
Number of generators - 299
Wavelength - Min = 32 and Max = 33
Amplitude - Min = 131 and Max = 132
Scale - Horiz. = 98% and Vert. = 100%

Finally, the last thing you need to do is go up to “Filter” and hover over distort again and click on “Polar Coordinates.” There you go. Enjoy!

Problem fixes:
Untitled-1 @ 33.3% (RGB_8) 7_30_2020 10_24_52 PM
Also, my wavelength might not work because, I might be using a different resolution than you are. So, on the right hand side where you can see the lines, make sure there is a little is a little bit of color sticking out, if not then some of it is going to be blurry and not the desired image. Hope this helps!

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For 1st gfx it really shows you have potential
Feel Tips
Put a background that blends with the render for ti to stand out
Add effects such as blurs, smoke , light rays ,Lighting to make it more apealing
Put lighting that also responds with the artwork