Feedback for my first proper shirt on Roblox

Hello developers!

I’ve just finished making my first proper shirt on Roblox, I would like to hear some ways on how I could improve it. (The shading was just from a template btw) All feedback is appreciated!

Here’s the link to the shirt : Pakistan 2022 T20 Jersey Plain TEST 2 - Roblox


I’m not a shirt designer/clothing maker, but I can spot one thing that annoys me: the shading on the arms
I think it’d be a pretty simple fix on later clothing when you’re using shading. all you gotta do is delete the shading on the transparent arm areas. Perhaps I’m mistaken and these are meant to be gloves, but they just look like poorly made arms

You were right about that and it annoyed me a lot aswell so I got right back to work, definitely will keep in mind to cut the shading out where ever the skin starts. Thanks!

Fixed the shirt btw: Pakistan 2022 T20 Jersey Plain TEST 2 - Roblox

Let me know if it looks better now :slight_smile:

Looks better now. I bought it on my other account for your troubles.
not my style tho

I appreciate it! I do understand that most people don’t find too much interest in cricket so these jerseys may not be your style but I just wanna follow my passion. Thanks once again for the feedback and for buying my shirt! :slight_smile: