Feedback for my game idea?


So I really want to climb Everest (It’s my dream lol), and I thought of an idea I want to remake a game like @0x_7777 " :snowflake::mount_fuji:Mount Everest Climbing Roleplay :snowman::snowflake:" I want to make a game like this with an FPV (First Person View) and a whole storyline, kind of like the book Peak! There will be problems that come along in the story that you will have to solve along the way! Maybe VR support too! :eyes:


Good idea or bad idea?
  • Awesome idea! :smiley:
  • Good Idea :slight_smile:
  • Meh idea :expressionless:
  • Bad idea! :angry:
  • Terrible idea :mad:

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How much would you play this game?
  • A lot
  • Good amount
  • Not much
  • Not at all

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The short version is that I want to make a game in a first-person view (maybe VR support) and simulate the whole “Everest experience”.

It would mean a lot if you would leave a reply for what you chose and why?

Thanks to everyone who made it this far!


The game sound’s too much like this game (which I know you mentioned as an inspiration), but the game idea you proposed doesn’t really sound too different from the existing Everest games. I don’t see a reason to play it over the existing ones TBH. You need to find a way to make it unique.

I thought of the way to make it unique was to add a whole story to the game and add FPV (and if I could add VR support) sort of like this game

I mean if you feel you can make a sufficiently unique game, then sure I suppose. But just be aware that there are many like what your trying to do already so it may not be an immediate success.

I fully understand that, I honestly just want to make a game like this because

  1. I want to climb Everest when I’m older
  2. I want to add stuff like other games don’t (e.g., Yaks, Yes yaks go up Everest, Having to melt water when you run out like in real life)
  3. I wish there were story plots to games like Everest Roleplay
  4. I would like to use this as a learning experience to become a better developer myself

Honestly would not play as there is a lot of games like that

To be honest, you just copy them in a way

Could you link a game like this?

According to your idea (winter,snowy)
There is a roleplay about everest and you will just gonna copy them as they first introduced it

Yes, It’s similar to the concept, but I’m going for a First-Person game like Everest-VR, I want to simulate the parts the other games don’t have

I would also like to show the walk up to Base Camp and the climb up to ABC I don’t want people to immediately start at Camp 1, that’s boring! I want people to feel the whole experience I want trekking to be a part of the game. Most games don’t have the Everest Hotel I want this game to have the real deal full experience!

guys guys i was joking this is a great idea.

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I get it you have an idea but its not original,dont wait that your game will pop up like jailbreak or get a million players in a day. Who would want VR everest anyway

I know that won’t happen but the effort that is put into the game is what matters I don’t care about player count or how much Robux I earn I just want to have fun making it!

The people who like this Genre will like to play it Lets say you like Robbing Banks and stuff you would like Jailbreak, I don’t like that so I find that genre, not my style. We all have opinions.

Not your opinion is important for popularity its the players opinion but ok I guess you think this game will get attention

offtopic post btw

I don’t think I ever said this? I said this.

Like I said it’s about having fun making it!

Number of players is just a number I could careless I just want the people who find the subject interesting to enjoy it and I enjoy making it

Coding is no fun, errors, cannot fix errors, giving up, retrying ,about to finish error, you give up

I think I and most developers would disagree… I enjoy coding and that’s why some people take job interviews for coding because they love it, and its their passion!

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This game could be considered “Educational” technically, because most people don’t know about the “Everest Hotel” and How far the walk is up to Base camp, (I would occasionally put GUI’s to tell a fact about the place you are on the mountain right now)

Firstly, I think it’s really cool that your goal is to climb Everest! Secondly, I think an educational story-based problem-solving Everest game would be awesome! I would give you a word of caution though, that it may not preform well with Roblox’s audience.

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Thanks means a lot, I know most of the Roblox Audience won’t want to play a game like this but I know some people will and that’s what will make me happy is to see that some people find the game fun!

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Going off of Ashley’s last point - even if your game does well, story games often do not perform well for the sake of replayability and revenue. I have experienced this firsthand as well as Telltale Games is a pretty good case of it too. You should keep this in mind and find ways to plan for it.

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