Feedback for my game

Hello! I am working on my First Legit game. Here it is!

Send any feedback you have! I need it!


I made it up to stage 44 until I realize that I can’t really progress any further, and I think this image should tell you why:

I am pretty sure something here isn’t anchored or something as it seems like this isn’t intended by you, if I am not mistaken. Otherwise the obby is fine and it was relatively easy to get from one stage to another (although I died several times on some of those beginner stages).

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Found it lol, that was odd

all fixed

The game’s simplicity is adequate for a “chart obby”, and yet provides an amount of originality - including mechanism, stage ideas, and such. Players are able to travel throughout stages using arrows, which is reliable and exclusive, yet provides a “skip stage” as an ordinary parkour game would consist of. The project overall is good to a standard, alongside for your first “legitimate” game, and would invest interest for personnel to continue as they move furthermore hence it’s particularly challenging. However, I’d like to mention some suggestions for improvements.


  • as you switch stages, it should indicate which one (number) you’re on for accessibility.

  • instead of using the texture of the sand of directing the movement of the conveyor, use another pattern instead (such as arrows for instance) - to avoid confusion.

  • you could introduce assets (such as gamepasses, within unique accessories), to improve the user’s experience and bring more content to the game.

  • you could make a leaderboard of speedruns (alongside with a timer) and for other specifications - this would make the game viral along social medias, whereas people share their records and attract more players. It’d also increase the game time per person as they’d be focused on setting their personal best.

  • adding background music that relates to the game’s theme (potentially soft as we’re seemingly in the sky), and for its colour scheme - handing a vibe.

  • the sky variant is presumably for children, not fitting in for me as a teenager, and intends to be slightly blurry - therefore, you could look for a new background that’s more realistic and blends in perfectly. This would expand the size of your audience of finding this game look nicer.


  • at the bottom right corner, there’s a gray TextLabel, which I presume is an accident - or used for development. You’d remove that for organisation.

  • as I touch a random checkpoint, in terms of not recurring all the time, it tends to take away my health - this is a critical bug. It occasionally happened to me at the start of the game.


I have seen this, its written down and I do not know whats causing it.

Already on my list.


Odd. Ill look into that.

Thanks for your essay lols.

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