Feedback for my game

Hello developers, i have made a new game(its open alpha) and i need feedback. Here’s the link : Obby masters(Open beta) - Roblox. Thanks for reading :grinning: :grinning:

Hi. I’ve played the game for a bit and it was fun but i would like to point some things out:

  • The speed of the player is a little… too fast.
  • The items in the shop are too cheap even if its a one time purchase.
  • The round doesn’t end when all (myself) completes the map which makes getting coins go a lot faster

And some things I suggest be added

  • Global leaderstat system of who has the most wins and most coins
  • A bit of decoration in the lobby

What speed do you recommend? :face_with_monocle:

The game is alright, but you gotta improve some things.

  • The spawn island. It looks that plain that it actually hurts my eyes.
  • Add music. Most games are boring without music!
  • Decrease player speed, as @BEEFMAN20 said.
  • The GUIs. They also look very plain. Try adding a border and changing the colors + font!

Hope I helped! :smile:
Edit: Also, add a GUI that shows whenever a message is broadcasted. Don’t use the old messaging system, it looks bad… It hasn’t been updated since like… 2009?

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