Feedback for my gfxs

heres some fan art i made for soft gb, want to hear ur thoughts


The GFX is Nice! I like GFX’s but I want to make one too! But I don’t know how! :frowning:

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I recommend looking up tutorials on youtube, if you want to know what softwares I use, they are blender and photoshop.

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What you mean with Blender?

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For sure better than what I can make.


It’s a 3d program to make GFXs and a lot of other stuff, if you want to make GFXs you have to use it.

Where’d you get the rig? I am looking for 2.0 rigs

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It’s pretty good for a start. I would suggest by making everything (mainly the front of the car) brighter so that it appeals more. I really like the blur effects you made, they really add a lot of flavor to it. Good job using a rig.

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The yt channel Matt rblx has all of them.

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The image itself looks funky when you observe it closely, Im confused on the perspective, which makes this look strange.

Funky isn’t bad but, sometimes it can make something well or bad, it certainty doesn’t fit for this.