Feedback for my NEW MAP

So recently I thought my old map was boring, so I decided to change it. I tried to make the map bright and colorful. You can earn badges by visiting the volcano, mountain etc.

Also I would like to make it clear that the only free models I used is for the music because I don’t know how to make music, and the thumbnail because I don’t know how to make that either. Other than that, everything else I made my self.

I would like feedback on how I can improve the map and make it better. Thanks!

The game is a Tycoon.

Game link: Beach Hotel Tycoon🐚🏖️ ☀️🌴Beach House Tycoon - Roblox


For one thing, you could add some fancier lighting, like sun rays, bloom, and possibly ColorCorrection.

Another thing you could do is add some rocks around the map. And possibly some other decoration other than just the palm trees.

And personally I would replace that grass texture, it looks to repetitive to me.

Lastly, you could replace the sky image with something cooler. It would make the game looks so much better.

Hope this helped!


thanks it did help alot (:smile: thanks


I do see some free models but other than that cool! Have potential for the public just note that developers will call you out for that.