Feedback for my new ui

Ive been recently making a obby type game and i made some uis for it.Pls give feedback about it…

Thanks For Reading!!!:smiley:


sorry for the bad image😅 i didnt knew how to use studio screenshot at that time

I recommend using lightshot to take screenshot

dont worry i learned how to take screenshots using the studio in built screenshoter and this image was taken before i learned it

I don’t think roblox studio have a built in sreenshoter

it does have and i took once…

If you installed lightshot you need to run it and press this key to take screen shot

What key did you pressed to take screenshot?

if im not wrong i went to the view tab and clicked the screenshot button

Ohh Yes but I don’t think anyone using it properly because of the quality but I’m not sure

I think its overall decent.
What is this supposed to be though?
Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 8.32.15 AM

Looks really nice! This may not have to do with the ui completely but I’d suggest adding coins for each level you beat and make it so you can buy with coins and have a yellow button under the green for coins purchase instead of robux purchase since not everyone has robux. Keep up the work!

It’s the exact color as the ones near the equip button, probably more hats / halos.

I like the UI, but you did have a screenshot tool in your hot bar all along
Nice work.

its a scrolling frame so it has more halos

the jetpack is supposed to be gamepass and the halos are coins and i didnt implement them yet

you don’t need to install lightshot lmao. you can just press win + prtSc

Very nice! It’s colourful which has a modern feel.

thanks very much of your feedback