Feedback for my Second (Real) GFX

You must take into account when it is and is not necessary the illumination in each character, in the white it looks saturated and you should add some shadow

Wouldn’t say it’s horrible for a start and you’re surely making progress, however I’ll leave a few suggestions below so you could learn and use better functions to make it look more professional sine currently it looks like you put them in a Roblox place and simply took an image which isn’t exactly counted as GFX sometimes and you’ll have to learn the hard way.

  • Install Blender
  • Use R15 Rigs
  • Add more attractive scenarios
  • Think of original and impressive ideas
  • Install Photoshop to make any changes afterwards

First of all, I’ll go into detail about why Blender is a great option since I’ve personally used it when I was animating and posing characters. Blender is quite easy to understand if you simply put some time into either by experimenting or watching a simple Youtube tutorial.

It offers features like pre-made Rigs where you can give the characters more freedom while animating and technically pose them smoother. You’ll be able to bend their arms and legs and make it quite realistic with more expression.

Second of all, you’ll probably want to take into account that you need to learn how to edit these images to give more effect to them which you can do using Photoshop since it’s probably the most reliable and used program when doing Roblox GFX and you can fix any light / shadow issues you occur. More about the lighting you should probably make the shadows more sharper and less round to give it that actual lighting effect since in the image it looks like random shadows.

Here's a tutorial of blender rigging:

Let me know if this helped you and if you need any other help in the future sine I’m always free to reach out and discuss about anything, hope you have a nice day and keep putting in effort into your work since you’ll get nowhere without trying.