Feedback for my Swapping Mechanic

Been working on a game mechanic for about a month now, looking for some feedback in terms of how it feels and opinions that people have about it.

The Game
The mechanic that I’m looking at is about swapping tiles, so the gameplay right now is about using a checkerboard. You can pick up one piece and swap it with another to create designs (albeit with only red & black tiles).

You can press Ctrl to swap camera modes. You need to be in the Overhead view to swap pieces.
In the Overhead view, you can drag tiles from one spot to another (click the tile & hold down, then release over another tile). This will swap the two tiles.

You’re then able to walk around the checkerboard in first person mode (again by using Ctrl); this will be more developed later on and doesn’t serve much purpose just yet.

I’d appreciate if anyone would be willing to take a few minutes to try out the mechanic & let me know what you think about it. Questions like if you feel it’s intuitive, what you think could be improved, etc.

Game Link


Hi! I would recommend a relaxing music style, where you feel comfortable making designs and it would be great a store menu where you can expand the map or unlock special colors or something like that

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