Feedback for our game Club Affinity Thunder

So me and @Dr_Arct1c have been working on a game and we need some feedback. can y’all give us some feedback? Club Affinity Thunder

psst… can someone tell me why the vip door just teleports you up and instead of forward into the room?

Also… Don’t be afraid to give me a honest opinion, harsh opinions are acceptable too.


Lots of things wrong right off the bat.

  1. If it is a club, where is the music when you join?
  2. Building is very boring
  3. Building facade of bricks is glitching because of overlap
  4. Lighting is very plain
  5. Dance floor is too bright
  6. Items in inventory are boring, there is no accurate/professional description of the item or image
  7. Animations are just default
  8. Lighting in general is too dark.

There are more things but I bet you know about them.


Thanks for the honest feedback

I know you can do better, just need to spend more time on it :slight_smile:

I have school witch interferes with my time developing

So do I. But you need to put school first. Education is your primary goal, game development second. When you can find free time, work on it. The effort will add up, and you will reap more rewards from your efforts and patience.

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rn me and arctic are working on a hotel game so the club is on the bottom of our to-do lists

Then focus on the hotel game and put the club off or forget about it.

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yea I’m thinking of doing that

plus some of the stuff in the club is broken for exapmle the vip area

I am confused on why it is so bright?? Also the building seems simple and I dont really find it a vibing game

my idea was a hangout but it kinda turned into a club. should i make it so the sky aint so dark?

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The sky is too bright. Thats the issue

like the “fake” realilistic lighting?

sure you could do something like that.

i dont like how dark we made thd game

dark enough to where the neon lights do not look so bad?

  • too dark.
  • too bright.
  • just fine.
  • just hurts my eyes kinda feel.
  • all of the above.

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the sky/sun is just too bright

If you set the daytime to nighttime, it should not be bright.