Feedback For Some of my Newest Art!

So I drew some fan art for my friend and for Arsenal (the arsenal map is township)!

I need some feedback on how to get better! Rate it 1/10 and tell me some stuff i need to improve at. Also this is my style so please do not tell me to change my style.

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The 1st one I’d rate 4/10 I see there is shading and noise on your drawings, but most of the outlines look very messy not even looking like they were on purpose (if they are), and the gun looks odd, he’s holding the handle without a stock and there seems to be two bipods.

The second one is much better at a 7/10, it actually has detail and I can understand what it means, and everything is a bit more visually intended. Except for the part going over his head, it looks like a valkyrie undershade, but it doesn’t usually look like that, the collar around the neck looks like a hoodie, I feel like if it showed a shoulder or some more neck, it would be appealing.

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The Arsenal one is meant to be like that while I try to discover new art styles. Thank you for giving me your opinion!