Feedback for Tower of Maddening

Recently, I have been working on a JToH classic-like tower of mine that I’m very proud of.

Since then, I’ve been wanting feedback on it, whether it be positive or negative and I’ll be willing to change anything I think would be good to change with the tower itself.

Keep in mind this obby uses advanced techniques such as truss flicking and such.

Excuse me if I’m doing something wrong here, as this is one of the first posts I’ve made.

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It’s actually pretty fun, although I would make it follow a specific theme like the way ToTL focuses on wraps. Also on the 2nd floor there’s a 12 stud wrap around which is pretty extreme for Mid-High Challenging.


You aren’t really meant to do the 12 stud wrap, as it’s just a decoy. You’re meant to jump down to here:

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In terms of both gameplay and design, I think your tower is pretty subpar. There are multiple instances where jumps are spammed, notably the outside section. The gameplay can be somewhat inconsistent at times, with jumps varying from around hard to all the way to peak intense. This jump in particular should definitely be nerfed:

As for the design, there isn’t really anything that catches my eyes other than the ring surrounding the tower frame and the symmetrical pillar design surrounding the winpad. The first floor feels empty, so you should definitely add more gameplay there. Some parts of the tower are very dark, which can affect the tower’s enjoyability for some people. Turn off cast shadow wherever it isn’t needed. Since you’re going for a classic design, the tower is passable in terms of authenticity.

There isn’t any creative gimmick throughout and the entire tower feels pretty generic as a result. Try theming the tower’s gameplay, as @Domphie suggested.

Verdict: 6.5/10
I can tell that you put effort into your tower but the gameplay is still a bit lacking

You go here
Not here

In case that’s the jump you were talking about