Feedback for UI

i made this menu gui today and i would like some feedback on it. Im still new to UI design so its really bad.

Change up buttons for 9-sliced rounded corner buttons and use cartoon font w. colors and it’d look much better!

Background is very intense tho, hurts my eyes :sunny: Maybe use lighter colors with less contrast?

Try adding some UI corners to the UIs, it looks very square. Also try to decrease the background colors too, it is very strong.

I suggest you read an article or two on typography. For example, you give your title the same amount of attention as the button beneath.

The first thing I should be looking at when playing the game is the play button. This is because I already know I’m playing Living Room Tycoon and I probably want to begin playing it immediately. However, your background, being bright and vibrant, immediately attracts a lot of attention to the least important part of the entire user interface.

In this case, I would suggest using a duller set of colours for the background, removing the border and background of the title, making the text bold. Then, colour the menu buttons a brighter colour. Also, consider if black or white text is more legible.

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Maybe make a background in photo shop and not studio, make buttons rounded and add colors that match with the rest of the screen, make an actual logo for the game and replace living room tycoon with that, make Christmas edition look more important, maybe add the settings icon when their ready.