Feedback for unsuccessful game

I am having trouble getting players on my game and wondering if there is something I am doing wrong. Its a merge tycoon. I consider the game to be well made and high quality but let me know if there are any ways I can improve the game.

I’ve spent 76K Robux sponsoring over the last few weeks testing various days, devices, and all of the two 13+ age selections. I am only able to get about 12-15 concurrent users at most from a 10k day sponsor.

There are usually 0-3 players on because of a small group of frequent players. There are some on now because of a 10k sponsor today.

The game also usually does not show up at all when you search for it. Should I change the description or title?

Thanks for taking the time. Any feedback appreciated!


You’re advertising too old. Tycoons appeal to people under 13 primarily.

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Recently Roblox made it so you cant advertise under 13

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It’s primary because 13+ players don’t play tycoons. Also there’s too much tycoons so people are bored to play tycoons.


Looks good to me … Noticed some object clipping on the ground and especially in the maze. Fix that by offsetting the part positions by 0.001 (a tiny bit).