[FEEDBACK] Game Thumbnail #3

Hey guys! Ramen here! So, this time i’ve made a thumbnail that would be designed for a obby game, the logo over there is just for practicing purposes.

I wanted to know what do you guys think about this thumbnail! Note that the space is closed, that’s why i used ambient occlusion. How’s posing? Should i add anything else to the thumbnail? Thanks for your time!!


Hi, I’m going to give you my personal feedback on what I think you have done well and what needs to be improved

  1. The details are… Awesome
  2. It clearly shows what it is about
  3. Maybe maybe the balls a bit brighter so it is easier to see
    Hope you are having a great day :smiley:



This is a really good render! The only thing i can really suggest, is adding a background, or changing the color. the balls are too close to the backgrounds color. You can make it focus more on the players, maybe by adding blurs, or making the characters bigger? Overall, you did really good but theres room for improvement.

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Thanks! I’ll surely edit that and make the balls brighter! I completely agree with you on that point!

I completely agree with you on the balls part, thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it!

I suggest adding a background, it looks pretty bland/weird with just a plain blue background with vignette.

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Everything is great about this! make the balls easier to see as dann said and you’re ready to go!

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Thank you so much! I’ll surely do that on my future GFXs :smile:

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What I notice right off the bat is the large amount of negative space, perhaps make the characters bigger to fill that in more?

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The depth of the thumbnail is very nice!
And that logo as well.

But i find it a bit bland. These bubbles are done very well and it explains the theme perfectly! However, other than the bubbles and characters…
It is just a blue background

Maybe try adding like water particles, smaller bubbles, shades of slightly dark blue.


I will try to apply that on the same gfx! Thank you so much!!!

@ItzRamenn It looks good, the details make it look like an actual obby, you should make the transparency for the ball lower so it can be easily seen, and that’s all have a good day!

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Thanks! I’ll surely do that!!!

Great concept. Here are some recommendations I’d personally do.

1 - The background seems too empty for me personally honestly with something even blurred in the back can help.
2 - The logo is a bit blurry so if you can get like a Higher Resolution version that’d help.
3 - Great rigging in the characters I think adding a light source so there are shadows and highlights on the balls and characters can really show the depth and detail in everything. You won’t need to add what looks like an outer glow.

In the end, it’s nice and simplistic great work!

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I was just searching for random logos on the internet, Just wanted to practice! And about number 3, it was a closed space, that’s why i didn’t add any light sources!

Makes sense, great work though!

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The GFX renders is really good and the icon is well done i give a thumbs up on this one but the balls are hard to see if someone has a weak vision so maybe change the color of that ball but overall it is good

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I really like the simplicity of the thumbnail! I personally do not like the shine on the red tuxedo guy’s teeth, but that’s my opinion. Another thing I think you could add is some motion blur for the guy jumping from one bubble to another, just like your character falling. Lastly, I feel like the bubbles/balls could use a bit more detail. Other than that I admire your work! :+1: