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Hello guys!! I’m once again here, this time with a thumbnail!! This is my first time making thumbnails, and I would like to know what you guys think about it!! what do you think about posing? scenario? It has no title because it’s for a “fake” game. Just for practicing purposes. And I’d aswell like to know, do you guys think I could already start selling my GFXs? Thanks for your time!!

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Hi, its me again!
In my opinion your thumbnail is very plain with lack of lighting.
I would add some brightness to your windows and the top of the heads and possibly some dark shadows under the pet and around the trees or just generally where light doesnt get captured from the sun.
Other than that id say its a pretty average thumbnail and could be sold for more if lighting is used here.
Sorry if its a little repetitive but it seems to be a common theme with some of your GFX deigns, there is a lot of potential with your work.

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Thank you so much!! The original project was supposed to have lighting, but it would be so noisy!! The next time I’ll surely make it with lighting, thanks for your opinion!!

yep, i also recommend not using the blender lighting unless you dont have a program like paint . net or photo shop since you can make some nice bold shadows and light spots on your icons bringing the quality up by 60% by using either of those programs

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Yeah, i’d experiment with nodes first and then add whatever combination you like to the avatars.

Glossy is a good one.

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This looks very good don’t get me wrong but here are some things that I think you could improve on(with the knowledge that I have in GFX)

  • Maybe add more things to get rid of all of that space around both characters (possibly more pets or characters if you wish).
  • Add more things to the sky, maybe a sun or other clouds. I feel as if the clouds that you have don’t take up the whole sky and it seems a little bit empty.
  • Maybe instead of those windows, try opening them up and adding stuff inside

However, this is a very good thumbnail and there definitely is some potential in this and your other creations.



Hi! I think it’s very good so far! I’m no expert with GFXs, but I think it does look a bit empty, maybe one or two more players or pets could liven things up a bit! Good job though :smile:

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Try detailing it more, perhaps focus on a small GFX image, instead of an entire commission.

  • Make the backyard pet in red more realistic or in this case more involved within the game.
  • Add a darker shadow to enable that it is in the commission.
  • Add effects, detail it with transparent effects.
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If you use blender, I suggest using a denoiser or using Eevee. Cycles has better lighting, but it takes more time to render and you need a denoiser to make it look good.

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People have recommended that for me before!! I’ll surely be using nodes on my next work!!

Thank you so much for your opinions!!
So, i really like the idea of adding another sky for it, and i completely agree with your opinion that the sky looks empty, i think that aswell!! I just really couldn’t find any good skies… I need to do a little bit more of research!!

It’s a nice idea!! I’ll try to consider it in my next works! Thanks :smile:

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Alright, thanks! I’ll surely consider that on my next projects, and yes, i completely agree with you on all of those topics, I just wasn’t having many ideas at the time :thinking: but thanks!!

I have used cycles on that render!! The only reason i don’t use eevee is because it doesn’t capture HDRI shadows. And i have enabled ambient occlusion on that render.