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Hi im been doing GFX for a month. Here is one of my latest GFX but not the best. I edit it with photoshop and im not good at it. Leave Some FeedBack


Hello there,

the GFX you have made are look good. the lightning of the GFX really nice but the neon on the image of the Roblox studio logo little bit brighter so can you low a little bit and you also can high a little bit on the light on the name place. I think that all for now. Remember to fix the image of the Roblox studio logo.
that is all for now and i will see you in the next reply…

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Oh thanks for your feedback (Post 30 characters

Looks very nice and clean! Imo you should add some more detail to the background :+1:

Ok { post atleast 30 characters}

I love glowing things, and you did a great job with the lighting on the character to match the light sources.

Not a huge fan of the text and I think the Developer logo is a bit darker than it should be, but the character and the spheres of matter are awesome


Very late post, but continue doing gfx, you seem kinda good at it