FeedBack Halloween Store(Added smoke)

Hey Builders! Today I built a Halloween Store for the upcoming holiday.

Here is what it looks like!

(Updated Version)

I am deciding on what the interior should be. Give me suggestions.



It looks most professional. You are a competent builder. I just suggest adding more detail to the door.

For example:

Alright ty:) I really appreciate it:)

I agree with what @Lv100DominusUltimus said. I feel like the roof needs more detail then just being a cube. Maybe use the “Hip” roof style, like this: (or any roof design that goes best in the picture.)

I would also add some windows on the sides of the building with con webs. For the floor in the front, make it so it’s dead grass, but darker than the colour that wheat is.

I’m not sure about the interior, if it’s a cafe/restaurant, a Halloween costume store, or even a haunted house. If you tell us what kind of building it is, then it would help a lot on interior design.

Hope everything helps!

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