[FEEDBACK] Harkmint Gas Station

I was commissioned to create a Gas Station for someone but I can’t figure out how to make it look better… what are some ways to make the Gas Station better?

Any Feedback is appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:



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Could you perhaps upload your images to the thread directly you can do this by hovering to the upper left and click “choose file”. Instead of letting users have to open a website in order to view what you’ve created or made, however this is just something you could take in the future it’s not a big problem:

Consider spacing out the gas station (poles) it looks a little to close cluttered together moving one on the other side could improve that however if I’m not mistaken there’s already an existing one on that side it might be blended in with the objects?

Gas stations normally have objects underneath the ceiling, placing lights or cameras in the corner could improve that a bit more I just feel like the trash cans are a bit basic in a kind of way (they look larger and have (waste and wipe trash cans) you should possibly implement that into your gas station station.

Try adding a store usually gas stations have a small building on the front or side of the station, it’s more used as a convent shopping and where pay for fuel by cash from my local station you need to go inside in order to pump gas to consider doing something like that at the start it’s not bad.