FeedBack Havent built in over 4 months

Hello I haven’t built in a long time simply because I lost interest in building and all the projects I did went to shame. But recently I figured Ill try again and thats what I did. I decided to redo one of my old builds and I wanted to see what you guys think. My Building and blender usage was sloppy. My lack of detail wasnt there as well but mostly I was going for like a drive scenery type style.

I hope its no to bad for todays standards well I hope you enjoy! Don’t be to Harsh!! :slight_smile:



Also is there A way change category? Because I know it’s wrong.

Sadly, there isn’t a way to change the category. All you can do is delete it and post it in the right category.

However, I do like your style of building and even after losing interest in building and coming back to do something like this is astonishing as most people wouldn’t even remember what they were doing or even how to do it correctly. It’s pretty good for someone who’s quit and come back to something they’ve really lost interest in.

Really nice builds for a 4 month break, it looks quite simplistic and you could add some more detail especially to the tunnel though but other than that it’s really good.

To change catergory you gotta delete the post and just select another category.

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Thank you for that! Yeah ill probs just make another post though. I just never got anywhere after doing it for 4 months and getting no where I decided to drop building. I don’t know if it helps if Im on a crappy laptop as well.I figure I might get back into building. But thanks for the tips it means a lot!

Thank you for the feedback and telling me how to fix it! I agree as well the tunnel needs some detail to it there is some but you just can’t see it. Thanks for the feedback.

Hello there,

I think it’s very clever how you can build so well after 4 months! I can’t do that.

Keep up the good work!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

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Always nice to see something with effort even in a simplicity way I would just work on your tree placements and try adding more variation into it so it doesn’t show or look repetitive - identical in a kind of way.

The place looks great. All it needs is some differentiation with the trees and different cactus maybe add bones and dirt rocks placed into the sand or later seeing the same things is kind of boring.

Well done with the terrain and objects placed down.

Could work on the trees and terrain maybe add some leaves and branches. :slight_smile:

Looks good all things considered.

I also recommend you use materials or textures to give it a sort of realism

It looks great! I remember seeing this post 3-4 months ago with the lighting, terrain material, and especially the buildings, but you could maybe add a bit of elevation to the first picture and better lighting, such as shadow map, atmosphere, depth of field, and some ambient changes.

Overall, it’s a nice build and has great potential one day! :smile:

I don’t know how to change the post, but just don’t delete it as it could create a ‘spam’ topic.

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