[FEEDBACK] How are these buildings for my game?

Hello! Can you please tell me how my developers did I really like it and I want side feedback! & It can maybe improve & yes the blur is supposed to be there to me it gives it a better detail.


Looks like you are going for a simulator or a Tycoon game , well that’s awesome if you are doing for that category! Colours are used very well and the whole thing looks fresh and attractive.


Maybe make ground structure more realistic? It looks like just painted with light green , try it.

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I will try that those are just the builds rn! We are adding more soon@

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Others are perfect , best wishes for your game.

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Maybe add some rocks on the ground with some grass sticking up since It’s just colored green, other than that this looks like it would be great for a simulator.

Our mesh designers are working on that we do have trees but u cant see them

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The blur kinda hurts my eyes to be honest. Are you sure you really need it?

Yeah I would agree with this, I mean some blur would be nice my I think he’s put too much.

I really like the design and how it’s not a too complex build but it is at the same time. Keep it up :+1:

Although you could lower the blur to be about 5 or 6

I think the buildings are great. They look low-poly so I assume it’s for a cartoonish game which means they’ll work quite well!

I like the simplicity of the structures, looks really nice if you’re going for that classic simulator look!

I just would recommend probably adding more detail to the enviroment around the buildings, such as putting trees, rocks, grass, ect. And maybe try and spice up the buildings a bit by adding a sign for each maybe?

For example you could add some clothing stands outside of the Shop, and some chairs and tables outside of the Kitchen to make them both more visually appealing and noticable for players!

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Looks really nice! Keep up the good work. :+1:

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The blur is waaay to high. Maybe lower it a bit. Other than that, I think the buildings look pretty good. You can always add some more stuff. Try to search for “low poly house” and you’ll find something.

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Is this better?

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