Feedback I first 2d art

I do gfx and some ui and I recently started drawing and took the opportunity to do my first 2d art


I see the choppiness i need to fix but i think overall it looks good for my first i guess.

It looks great and the character is so adorable! I like the hat and a shirt, they definetely match themselves on this drawing. Though, right eye (our side) is a little curved, but for the first time it’s just fine! Keep up the good work, everything will be alright, you can do this!

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It looks good! Just work on cleaning up your lines and using a smoother shading!

It definitely looks great for your first 2d art. Id recommend making the hat a bit bigger than the head, as right now, it looks like its just plopped on top of your head. Your character also seems to be leaning to the left (not sure if intentional).


It looks adorable! I think you just need to work on cleaning up the lines. :wink:

The lines are really jagged for some reason, not sure if that’s because this was drawn with a mouse or not. There’s also an extremely difficult-to-see shade over the eyes that I’m very confused over. Is it meant to be hair or just light shading? Either way, not a great shade for either one. Overall it’s just a bit too bland and flat.