Feedback in game icon

what i can add more i really want your feedback :+1:

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The people that you cut cut need more work and the icon seems of topic of the game except for the name. you can try to hire a gfx artist.

I forgot to say the icon seems all around the place

My opinion
This gfx looks poor in optimization also the
text need more details, also the black background doesn’t fit in your project.
The characters are a bit strange on the black background.

Improve the gfx
To have a better gfx. Create a project(to take less time) or update the gfx in a overexisting project with the following :

The background would be preferable to change it the blue color.
Change the background with a google image which includes shades.
Suggestion :
Blue sky.

Other things that would be make your gfx more enhanced at detail:
Use blender (version 2.72 or 2.8)
Watch videos to train
Hire a gfx designer(the easiest way)
Use photoshop or photopea.

Last words
I have to admit that I admire your effort and you didn’t steal it from elsewhere like free modelers.

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