[FEEDBACK] Intro Tunnel

So i am building a game and i would like your feedback on it.
Please give me Feedback, i would like to hear improvements on my building. This is my first build and feedback. I took the design idea from Piggy.

robloxapp-20200517-1438347.wmv (755.4 KB)

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Go to the game here: Game - Roblox

Hey there,
I like the hallway so far.

I have some suggestions, however. Here they are:

  • Consider adding more detail in the walls of the hallway
    • Consider adding more decor in the hallway (of course, when you feel like it)

I completely understand that this is not complete yet.

Thanks for letting us give feedback on your game.

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There is nothing to really judge as its 4 walls made of plank material and a flickering light (which needs lighting correction) but I opened this and I dont know if its the video but it was EXTREMELY loud. Add more details + rooms

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Thank you for the feedback! Changes have been arranged, also the video might be because of the volume your device is.
I checked video. And i did not have any problems However, it is loud at certain volumes.

My volume was 20% lol but yeah alrighty

There isn’t much to provide feedback on I’ll try placing or adding some details on the walls, making them less plain and empty throw some rusty picture frames stains or dirt on the build giving it a better design. Looks good apart from the fact that the walls are the same and there are no details. Have you considered adding your own design to it?

It could use a more yellow lighting if you’re going to recreate the full design from the piggy intro try to implement your own details to the hallway instead of recreating the same design as the game at the start it does look good but it could use a lot more detail.

Its a story game i am creating… I just got the design idea from piggy. I am not using it fully. I am using characters i created. I do not want it to look detailed. Just scary. Detailed makes it look friendly. That is a fact…