[Feedback] Islands + Dungeon built

Hello, over the past few days i’ve been working on building a map for a game I’m working on. I wanna get some feedback on the style and what i have built so far. Below you will see the spawn island players spawn on, and one of a few outer islands players can go to, aswell as the first trial players will complete. All feedback is appreciated!



I think you could add more variety to the houses and maybe a rive or a waterfall coming down from the big mountain so it wouldn’t look too empty. Other than that it is awesome

Well your construction it’s very nice, so just insert more trees and details how mini buildings,
Good Luck!

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Though admittedly a bit petty, are you able to thicken the lip of this cave’s entry a bit? It almost looks like it comes to a sharp edge. Perhaps I’m wrong and it’s just an angle throwing me off.

Anyhow, overall astounding build. Good luck going further!

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More trees needed for the island, it looks empty. By the way, great creation my friend!

This looks really nice! Keep up the good work. :+1: