[FEEDBACK] Lobby for sword fighting based game

Hi Builders,
I just wanted to get some overall feedback on this lobby I’ve built for my sword fighting tournament game and it’s layout and design. If you see any improvements that could be made let me know!
RobloxScreenShot20200410_034950169 RobloxScreenShot20200410_035002218 !RobloxScreenShot20200410_035015390

If you are wondering what the gold outlined platform is for, its a practice ring.

(Sorry if I didn’t format this post properly… this is my first real post!)


Looks good! Try to use blender to make better meshes. You can make better stone island in blender. You can make invisible spawn. Also you can add more details. Good luck with you game!


It looks pretty good, why don’t you change colour to some rocks of the platforms with a dark one,
Normal rocks colour : 60% rocks, with a dark colour: 40%


Brilliant work, I love how you made the rocks incline down to make a sharp edge island!