[FEEDBACK] Lobby + How i can improve it?

Im HelixKrober and im making game with @Ashp116
How I can improve lobby?


Nice work! I liked your work also I think you can add houses, shop and more!


Awesome build! Loving the clean design.

We havent space for it XD (30 chars)

Well… Then add more space to your lobby.

Im just wondering: what are all those cubes? Are they currency or what?

In the second picture it looks like there is a locked bridge that leads to a portal. If that is a portal room then I understand why there is only one portal alone. But if that is the only portal then at least give it more attention.

@TheMartinius is right when he says to add shops and stuff. Infact in the first picture, the top right bridge can lead to a shopping area. I see one building there already so why not add more?

In the third picture it looks like there is a special tool behind the waterfall. I suggest adding a bit more detail in there. I notice that crystals are growing around it so why not let some grow inside of it to? Make it look like a cave.

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I think the same idea. [30chars]

This is awesome work ! I think you can add something like balls or floatable blocks that will give for players more fun and more intersting lobby .

I’m looking at the third picture again and i’m thinking there should be something like it that leads to the top of the waterfall. Giving the player a nice view of the lobby.

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If you don’t mind would you do a bird-eye view of the map like what Google Maps does. I kinda want to see a walk through of what the player will be going to do. Maybe including the inside cave :wink:

The entirety of the place, in general, looks great Overall, the style and vegetation are excellent and decent. I would, however, recommend placing more things around the lobby! But just from my opinion, I think there could be more added to the lobby instead of having just vegetation and mountains.

In my opinion, I feel like there could be some other types of vegetation around the map mainly on the mountain parts, bushes, flowers to give the ground a little more life instead of repetitive trees i would. Maybe add some vacant things like shops/buildings to make it a little more lively as well or buildings so players could buy things while they wait inside the lobby! You also might be able to add some obstacles or an small obby somewhere in the lobby so players could interact with each other instead of walking around doing nothing!

I feel as though the lobby is lacking, so if you could furnish those a bit more, and maybe add some buildings or shops, I think that’d go a long way definitely try placing more features throughout the map just to give the place a more welcoming feel to it however that is just my simple suggestions I would recommend placing down maybe try expanding the lobby at the moment it’s pretty cluttered.

Overall, it looks pretty good.

The lobby looks fine, but the peculiar thing about it is the cubes, what are they for? I would look at Deathrun’s lobby, because that lobby is all you need. It explains what you need in a lobby to keep interest in people waiting for the next round to start.

  • Minigames (Spleef, Obbies, etc.)
  • Hidden Areas
  • Shops