[FEEDBACK] Low Poly GFX Render

Hello there! I just wanted to provide a piece of GFX I rendered out today for feedback. I was just exploring Cinema4D and made real looking grass for the first time. I hope you guys like it!


Absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work, I can’t see near anything that you could make better!

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Thank for giving me feedback! I really appreciate it!

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I, myself am not a GFX artist, however I do have some feedback:

The sky in the background is kind of greyish, giving me the perspective that its kind of stormy out, however everything else is nice and bright, I suggest altering the sky to be a bit more blue to make it appeal to be brighter.

The grass is also a bit much. I don’t know how fond I am of it all around the tree trunks and in some aspects, actually in the tree trunks:

Another thing is your shadows, As you can see, the sun from the perspective of this tree is on the diagonal:

However, you then look at the tree in the distance, and the shadow is casted directly behind itself signifying that the sun is now directly behind where the GFX was taken:

that throws me off a little bit.

That’s all I can comprehend


I love it, nothing much to say! Keep up the great work, and keep improving!

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Hey there!

Great work! My only little fixes I have, are:

1: As @Revelted mentioned the shadows are inconsistent and a blue sky would look great.

2: I feel like the whole thing is a little oversaturated, it’s never bad to be bright, but I feel like this is just a little “too” bright, the green feels almost blinding.

All in all, it’s a great piece, hope these were helpful!

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It looks,Outstanding.

Issues you could fix:

Its kinda bright. Maybe playing with the brightness a-bit to tone it down will look good. I see where your coming from, BUT, Its very much blinding me.

Another issue:

The red neon guy, Its a-bit to bright aswell. Just try and tone it 1 down. Will look nice.

Besides from that: Outstanding work. Keep it up! :innocent: