[FEEDBACK] Low poly mace I made in Blender

Ayoooo so I was bored and wanted to make something cuz I rage quit a game so I decided to make a mace for funnn yayy :smiley: So anyways I made it and it was lookin’ pretty nice in my opinion so I decided to post it here for suggestions and stuff. I want to make it a lil better somehow. I can’t really find a good color combination tho. I made it brown and gray with a hint of blue but it doesn’t look very good in my opinion. Also, I was too lazy to make a whole rope of chain so I just put some of the chain on the handle.
Here is an example of the mace:

Feedback is highly appreciated as well as suggestions! :slight_smile:


The mace look really good in my opinion. If I were you, my suggestion is that you make the chains in your mace have a silver texture to make the mace have a more realistic appearance.
In all, your work really is recommendable for use in a fighting game or a viking game.


Thanks a lot I’ll try to apply the suggestions :ok_hand: :+1:

That looks really good! However, I would like to give some suggestions that could possibly improve your mace.

First off, I really like the design of it. In my opinion, I think you could add some more chains to it because some of these kind of weapons come with 6 ropes, of chains instead of having just too you could try adding some detail to it so it could look more realistic.

As for the color combination of your weapon, I do believe you’re talking about the handle of the weapon I would keep it as a dark brown color because in real life they mostly have a wooden texture added to it, but you could possibly add a different detail to your handle depending if you want to make it more “lively”.

The only other thing I see that could be improved is adding some detail, to the handle instead of having it look all plain you could get an idea in the image below that could help you a bit.

Other then that it looks good though.



You should use lower resolution cylinders in the future, especially on the mace ball spikes since low poly is for less of an impact on performance. Maces are usually pretty small so making the cylinders have less vertices wouldnt really be noticeable

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