[FeedBack] Low-poly "Roblox Education School"

can u help with your Feedback?
I need your feedback because of my creation slightly need more content
and also don’t send me the hight of the building issues because I was making it to big for a user and cannot shrink so… I hope you understand.

Here is the game “ID” to let you know that I was working on this like a few days now, so I hope you support this,

and also it was Low poly, soon I will put this model in the toolbox.

see you soon.

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Ok, had a quick look.
Is the white circle with a dark grey square supposed to be a clock?
Would have liked to be able to see through the windows or inside to see the classrooms.

Low poly can be tricky to see inside it, but soon I will make that window can see through it. and see some people in it

Mind giving us some pics for the keep who can’t join? Please and thank you. :123:

I m So Sorry, I can take pic because i m terrible on it i hope you understand and i will post this picture i will show it…

here some peek,

i sorry about that, i hope you understand.

I went in the game it was pretty dark but you light the place pretty well.
I really liked the window style and how you added many details to the place such as graffiti and other small things that really helps improving.
Really nice place hope you keep improving because you can get really far.

soon, I will make a little playground at the back of the school

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