(Feedback) Majestic Hallway

In studio I made a hallway that I attempted to make a beautiful as possible, with some sci-fi mixed in as well. There’s not much on the walls because I don’t know what to put there. So I kept it simple

Should I change the water falls?


Looks nice, I don’t think anything needs changing, for some reason, it reminds me of the Egg Hunt 2018 lobby and I like it.



add some more details to the walls. on the roof add more detail as well. since it’s glass, i’d probably expect some panels to be happening on the top.

(didnt mean to respond to you, ink, sorry.)

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From my point of view that looks like a marine temple, I loved it very much since the reflection of the lighting made the window frames have a golden color giving a unique reflection. it’s something amazing.

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Not bad but it could be more detailed. :+1:

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Not bad after all, but maybe you can make some water splash.

My english bad :c

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This is what I call, a hallway to heaven. It’s very good! Keep up the astonishing job!


I definitely think the walls could use a bit more detail. Try adding frames and possibly window sills to give it all some more depth.