[Feedback] Map Build

Hi im tunnells i have recently started Map building i would like to ask for you feedback on this map!


There seems to be not much going on since there’s just repeated items (mountains, cactus and dried trees) you should place more items - objects throughout the map since a lot of the corners and certain areas kind of feature a bland and plain approach. I’m assuming more items will be placed later down the line since this looks like a progress map?

The mountain formation looks a little odd yo have 3 mountains on top of each other it won’t hurt to space them out so it doesn’t look cluttered and placed in random areas mainly the middle one. It kind of looks like the mountains where stacked like a rock foundation.

I’ll try making other variety of cactus instead of a part you pasted and placed throughout the map cactus come in a variety of shapes they have a bit of height to the top part you could mix it by adding smaller ones and taller ones same with the dried trees.



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Understood Its my first map out from forest etc Thanks!

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It seems a bit empty to me, you should try place some more items around(Hay Bales, Cactus, Dead Bushes, etc).

Maybe you could curve the path/road aswell instead of just snapping it.

The trees are amazing btw! Best of luck.