(FEEDBACK) Map for action-game

(Most parts of the map)
Anything I can change, even the tiniest thing to make it better


Mistakenly put wrong images, editing. (Fixed now)

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i think its cool but maybe you should spread things out a little more

Not going to lie, it looks a bit too blocky and the overall theme isn’t chosen. For example, some areas have realistic textures while other areas look bland. I can’t really tell what this map is, but I am guessing it’s an underground hideout. I suggest you learn how to use blender to make your map look way cleaner than before. Also, I have noticed some textures that are over-stretched and others that don’t align properly, so I would fix that too. When you are done with this map, I am sure it will have a good look and appeal better to the eye.


it is an underground hideout. And I have to recreate the whole thing in blender?

No, I suggest you add some meshes and items to add some more flavor to the map.

And if my computer can’t run blender?
(Just a hypothetical)

Please make it so the texture doesn’t repeat, it’ll be greatly appreciated!


Your computer probably can unless its ultra terrible potato. But blender is not much more demanding than studio. Change the texture/decals+ add more detail

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I’m just going to start on a new building because everyone I ask says it’s bad.

I meaaan… I dont think its bad but this is the feedback forum and we are giving you feedback. Is this build really yours anyways, as there is a different username in the top right of the screenshots?

This is my devforum acc, Paradox is my main. And the responses from here aren’t bad but the people I ask around say it is. I’m gonna work on something else for now.

alright-- I dont think its that bad but with corrections itd be better

Honestly, I don’t think you should start over. I think only a strip down of the decor and a replacement of it will make the map look way better than before. Although this is only my suggestion.