[Feedback] Medical Dispenser/gun

Recently I came up with the idea to make a medical “gun”. I guess the closest idea I could think of at the moment would be something like the Medi Gun from Team Fortress 2(forgive me if I’m completely wrong). I want to achieve a more appealing design and was looking for tips on how to do that.


This is a very good piece! Maybe make the trigger more of a trigger if you know what I mean. And thats really I can think of!

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Thank you for your feed back, I definitely should do that.

Hello! What I would do to add more detail to the gun would be making the green “medicine” fluid neon, adding a more radioactive and important look for it. I would also play around with the parts materials.

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Thank you for your feed back, I’ll mess around with the textures a bit more in the new version.

Great Gun. Here are some things that I think you could improve on.

  • Possibly make the fluid a glowing color.
  • The whole gun seems a bit to square. Try rounding it up a bit.
  • There is a bit of clipping near the handle of the gun. Try scaling it differently to get it to shape better.
  • Also the muzzle of the gun could use a bit more detailing.

Other than that it looks great.

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Thank you for your feed back, it does look pretty square and I can see the issue with the clipping. I’ll definitely get that stuff fixed.