[Feedback] Middle/High School building

Hey there! I’ve been working on this facility for almost a year now. I have been on and off with developing it since I haven’t had much time lately but I was able to get the majority of this done. This was one of my fun side projects. Any feedback on the building and other things?

Disclaimer that the building is very incomplete and I have not sealed it off completely.

Main Entrance

Athletics/Auditorium Entrance (view 1)

Athletics/Auditorium Entrance (view 2)

Village Commons/Atrium

Library (unfinished)


Natural Lighting Staircase


Hi there @Acrosphobiax ! Judging at the photos, I can see how long this took. The exterior seems very detailed - as well as interior, and the color complements the designs. Your use of materials to comprehend a realistic view is surreal. For example, your windows are like glass from this view and they also look secular…in words, creativity. I am also intrigued of the structure. It seems like how a school would look like. The colors, the pipes, the designs, and even the layout. Anyways, this is all and thank you for posting such a nice build.

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Not gonna lie It’s amazing but I have some ideas.

  • Terrain on outskirts
  • More custom textures
  • Fill up the empty places with something maybe a vending machine idk
  • Replace carpet with a custom texture sorry but I’ve always hated the Roblox carpet texture
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Aside from the lack of interior work, this is insanely good!

Only suggestion I have when you get around to decorating the inside is possibly add plants (green colors!) It’ll always make a build look more friendly and alive especially in realistic building (imo) & maybe a parking lot on the outside(s)!

Other than that, I truly don’t have any suggestions, this is really really good!

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I really like this but dam that high school is massive but looks very epic.

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This is an amazing build! I would definitely get to work on the interior! Also, are there windows? If so they are really high transparency and should probably turn it down so you can see the glare on the a bit. That always added realism for me. Overall great work and would love to see more of this from you in the future!

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