[FEEDBACK] My first build [WIP]

Hi so this is my first “real” build. Would love to have some thoughts on it. Never tried something like this in this detail. Still a work a progress.


Wow, that looks amazing. Great use of plugins and textures, I love it

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I love it. When the PBR feature releases, it can make your build even more stunning. Great Job!

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It looks nice, but make sure to keep in mind that if you’re generating those textured parts from a plugin, it’s always a good idea to delete the textures on faces that the player can’t see. The last thing you want to do is rack up unseen texture instances and cause unnecessary lag in your build as a result.

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Looks great. I’d try to create a mix of ambience around the door with maybe a little fog and the light coming from the door creating an emphasis to the entrance.


Dont worry. My ocd already took care of that

Wow it looks so good and realistic but I suggest you should add a bit more light. Good luck and nice work! :+1:

Looks really good!

My only suggest was maybe add a texture to the pipes? It’s not an important detail but it felt a bit out of place (for me) to see everything else be hyper realistic and then there’s cartoony / solid colored pipes.


Oh right. You know the funny this is i saw that but my mind was just like in airplane mode for some reason lol


Yeah so excited for those. Gonna work amazingly

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Substance Painter? Also good work, very nice although the piping and some areas of door look somewhat out of place.


Absolutely amazing, the textures, the details, very good job!


Thaks for the feedback. All the textures are original and not from a plugin. I am very picky about that sort of stuff. Must have gone trough like 10 different textures before I found a good one


As I can see for a first “real” build, it look very nice :clap:
You seem to understand how to build realistic things, and it look very great.

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Thanks a lot :smiley:

Awesome! Fits great with the details! :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a barely new 3D Artist and a Programmer to the platform! My opinion will not have too much value here but I only want to say something before I can give you recommendations.


Great usage of textures and I’m waiting PRB textures, this buildings will even have better look and it will look x10 times realitic! I would recommend to use Blender to make little details that the Studio can’t make, like with the tubes, you ca improve them on Blender and you can keep the tris count down and it will look ashtonishing.

You can improve the lighting, the lighting plays a really important paper when we are trying to give a good ambient to the player that he can experiment, feel that he’s there. Try to make it better.

The door looks a little bit… Low-poly, I recommend to make it more detailed, use some textures and all. Some other parts looks a little cubed, but the rest looks awesome.

Really good job I have to say

Have a nice day mate! - @Lil_SharkyBoy

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Real quick here it is without textures lol.