Feedback - My First Roblox GFX

Hello, Roblox Community

My name is Snowflake, I am a Roblox developer, communicator, designer and content creator. Recently, I developed my first ever Roblox GFX art. I used various Roblox Studio plugins and tools to create this GFX art, I also used PIXLR (a free photoshop server) to add some final touches. I would like you all to provide me with some feedback! Remember that this is my first Roblox GFX art so it will not be great. In the future, I will continue to work on more GFX designs and improve my designing skills. Hope you like it.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)


First of all I would say use blender for these GFX there are a lot of tutorials on youtube so I can recommend doing that.

One more thing,
Pose the character its just standing still

But yeah this is your first GFX so cool.

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Thankyou for the feedback. I have tried using “Blender” before, I have a very hard time using it. I also had trouble moving/ posing my avatars body parts which is why it is not in a pose, the rotation option is hard to use when moving certain textures or objects. This was very helpful input, thanks!

Just created a second GFX art on Roblox. It is really just a retexture of my last one!

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Not trying to be harsh or something it’s blurred even the background.

Just a roblox screenshot, so its not really a GFX

also really bad chroma key, clear green outline

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First of all use blender and I advise using (roblox makes this a link for some reason, don’t click it), photopea or gimp instead of pixlr.

You should also use what is called a rig if you plan on using blender where you can easily pose the avatar and make it look more dynamic.

Also by the way there are lots of good tutorials by ‘GFXComet’ on youtube if your struggling with blender!

One last thing this isn’t considered a GFX/Render due to it being made in studio.


No, I do consider it a GFX art. Yes, some of the green screen outline is showing. Thanks a lot for your input.

Thankyou so much for the feedback and advice!

It really is just a roblox studio screenshot; no posing etc

for example one of my recent commission gfxs.

My designs may not look like GFX art, but I did move/ twist the hands and legs a bit to make it more stylish. Then I used a greenscreen in Roblox Studio to add lighting to the image. So, yes, it is not really GFX art but the way I produced it shows that the result may be related to GFX art.

The quality is not great. I suggest Blender, if not, maybe try converting into a 3D model then editing because that creates a similar effect.