[Feedback] My first sci-fi creation in blender

Hello there! As the title says, I’ve recently made a sci-fi creation (coridor). I just started blender two weeks ago trying to do some GFX, because of the great feedback I’ve decided to start building aswell, so here are the results of my work. Hopefully it’s decent. The building it’s compatible for Roblox, I’ve uploaded a rough version of it to see it’s possible to use this in Roblox, and it is more than likely possible with enough dedication.

Roblox’s Studio rough version:

Low Quality Render with a Roblox Character:

I hope it’s good enough!


is this a roblox building :D…

Yes, it is, you can see it in at “Roblox’s Studio rough version” i haven’t got enough motives to fully upload it in roblox and adjust it.

This looks amazing! Did you use any custom lighting? Or just shadow map or something?

Only in the Roblox’s Studio version a fog and and ShadowMap, in Blender, just Cycles and cubes with emission material.

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Looks like a great start! The modelling is solid, now all you need are some textures so go with it!

Depending on what you’re going for, a few things you could add to the GFX would be to apply some texture nodes and bump maps to the Principled BSDF.

In the circled areas, they all look really repetitive, and almost like plastic or rubber (which if that’s you’re goal, congrats haha).

Add in a noise texture node with a color ramp, and hook up a simple bump map to the Prinicpled BSDF to give people more things to look at. Variation can give way more storytelling in a scene (again, if that’s what your goal is).

Even something as simple as this can give a bit more variation very easily - just play around with them (you’ll find that procedural gen materials with nodes is super simple and a lot of fun to experiment with).

Here’s a really basic material node tree for that material ball and vent frame, for example. And here’s a quick render I whipped up with a few node trees I had made a few months back.


Thank you for the tips! I’ll consider them in future projects !

Looks really interesting especially for Roblox and I think it could work with it very well!

I’ve got nothing to add really, since all was said. Just a positive comment coming through!

Is PBR texturing supported by roblox? Or is it just for more realistic still image renders

You are Insane like literally… Insane with blender :slight_smile: GoodWork my man

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I want to thank the community for their feedback and kind words. Best of luck towards everyone’s project!

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