Feedback, my first ui

Hello friends of the dev forum, my name is Caio Felipe better known as caiolipe, today I come to ask for your feedback in the first script ui, I accept and ask for constructive criticism, tips and also ideas for me to add to my program

if you want to contact me
here is my Caio-Chan# 2222


It looks good as your first, I would like to see the GUI with more items in the future. Also, I recommend having 2-3+ items in a row instead of just 1.

In the future consider uploading your video to the thread rather then providing a link to view what you’ve made.

I would however include more UI options going down to make it more better, you may want to include a more vibrant color scheme to match with the/ shop Ui perhaps include more items and see how it looks just so it doesn’t appear bland and basic – not sure if this was already planned out or currently being added.

my only comment would be gathering reference images to get small ideas on ‘how can I make my Ui better’. If the UI is going to be left like this i would try to at least including a handful of objects inside it just in case you want to use for a game or wanting to create more different result Ui designs.

Overall, it’s not bad for a first attempt here is example of a basic Ui designs it may be something you could take to get smaller ideas that fit your concept:



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:grinning: hank you I will improve!

Ok I will apply thanks. :grinning:

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Very good! I think the shop letters should be white instead of black, though. Also, the shop itself should have more things and not just be a square. Overall very good for a first UI!

Hello thank you very much, I am working to add more things, I will change the font color!