Feedback.. Need more stuff to add to scene?

This is the final render. It is a personal art, not a commission.

I wanted to add particles but my viewport started to get laggy. Someone also commented about the composition of this render… I want to top this for my next work so any feedback will help me improve the quality of my scenes.


There’s no image…this is misleading.

Sorry, it’s my first time posting. I just got the member role a few minutes ago and I edited the post.

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There it is! It looks good! Just keep practicing posting pictures.

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Good render however, there are some issues I see with the background.

The images show a somewhat boat lighting or lighthouse flashing at the character I kind of see this looks a little odd have you perhaps add an ocean in the background and a surface the character could stand on known selections sand, grass, rocks ect. It has that sort of feel to it or a superhero feel which is alright, but not much in seen in the background of the image.

The shine seems good in my opinion, the shadows casting look interesting the background should have something that makes the scene pop include surface objects like for example: (what is the character standing on? What is the theme and style it holds?)

I can see this is inspiration from a movie if I’m not mistaken. It’s a good render though I would just include objects that will make it stand out.


Noted the first paragraph and that makes sense. I need to make the viewer have a feel of the background and what the character is standing on… Thank you.

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